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There are more than 50 reasons why you should choose SPONSOR.ME.

2,000,000 users

More than 2 million users can't be wrong.

Start at no cost

Starting a fundraiser on SPONSOR.ME is free. We only deduct a small fee per donation.

Genius Wizard

Start a fundraiser in less than a minute by using our Genius Wizard setup.

Fast review process

Our Customer Service uses only a few hours to review and approve your fundraiser.

Your money!

Your collected donations can be withdrawn regardless of whether your fundraiser reaches the goal or not.

Fast payout

You can request your collected donations as soon as your fundraiser has ended.

NCAA Compliant

By using SPONSOR.ME you can be assured that you are creating a fundraiser that is NCAA compliant.

125,000 supported

In the last 3 years, we have supported more than 125 000 athletes and teams.

Recurring payment

Sponsors may donate once or repeat the donation for several months.

Multiple payout options

Easily transfer your collected donations to your local bank or PayPal account.

24/7 support

Our multilingual Customer Service will assist you in any matter.

Multiple currencies

We support a wide range of currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, DKK, NOK and AUD, amongst others.

Public receipt

Fundraising managers and sponsors receive unique and public receipts for each donation.

Multiple payment options

As a sponsor, you can choose between a wide range of local and international payment solutions.

Financial overview

As a SPONSOR.ME user, you will have access to an intuitive dashboard showing your financials - in realtime.

Multiple languages

Our service is available in several languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian, amongst others.

Photo library

Our Genius Wizard can draft your fundraiser, photos included, in a matter of seconds.


Create successful fundraisers using our helpful guidelines.


All important information is encrypted and safely stored.

Secure connection

All your information is encrypted and kept private when sent.


Your donations are safe with us. We only partner with well-known banks and payment providers.

Mobile- and Tablet-friendly

Our user-friendly service is designed with mobiles and tablets in mind.

Facebook login

One-click sign-in to start a fundraiser.

Video upload

It is really simple to upload videos to your fundraiser.


Our user-friendly service is designed to be simple and mega-efficient.


Keep your fans up to date with our Followers functionality.


Appreciate your sponsors by easily offering them rewards.

YouTube integration

Simply add existing YouTube-videos to your fundraiser.


Get a full overview of your fundraiser's visitors, followers and cheers - in realtime.

Follow-up 365

Our Customer Service will follow you up throughout the entire fundraiser.

Search and Filter

Search for one or more specific fundraisers, and filter by sport and country.


Visitors can easily applaud to your fundraiser and your donations.


On SPONSOR.ME you can both donate and withdraw through PayPal.


Keep your sponsors and followers up-to-date by posting stories from your daily life.

Great examples

Get motivated and inspired by some of our success stories.


Fundraising Managers are informed about the state of their fundraisers at all times.


Easily share a fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Safe transactions

All transactions are handled by well-known payment providers.

Apple Pay

On SPONSOR.ME you may donate with Apple Pay.

Continuously growing

More currencies are being added continuously. Contact our Customer Service to check if your country wil be added soon.

Multiple offices

With the offices in Europe (Oslo, Norway) and the U.S. (California), SPONSOR.ME serves many countries, time zones and languages.


SPONSOR.ME is the only fundraising service that offers MobilePay as a payment method.


Hundreds of thousands of athletes and teams use SPONSOR.ME.


SPONSOR.ME is integrated with Twitter, making it super-easy to share fundraisers.


Easily share fundraisers through Facebook Messenger.


Feel free to use Vipps for an easy, fast and secure money transfer.


Use an auto-generated QR code to easily send people to a fundraiser's unique link.


Add a beautiful snippet of a fundraiser and a "Donate" button to your website or blog by using an auto-generated HTML code.

Sports only

We only focus on (and accept) sports projects - nothing else!

Pay by invoice

A smooth solution for corporates who need an invoice to donate.


Easily share a fundraiser with your followers on LinkedIn.


Share a fundraiser on Facebook in one click.


We are simply experts in sports!

100s of sports

We support all kinds of sports in the world!

Reward status

Keep track of the rewards given out to sponsors for donating to a fundraiser

Help Center

SPONSOR.ME demystifies fundraising with our world-class Help Center.