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Who, what, and why? We would like to present to you the concept behind SPONSOR.ME. Furthermore, we would like to explain to you our motivation and vision.

About us

SPONSOR.ME is a platform intended to enable athletes to campaign for micro sponsorships. SPONSOR.ME is based on the principles of crowdfunding and gives athletes, clubs, federations and teams the chance to gain sports-specific funding and exposure through concrete goals and purposes.
Sharing the campaign with family, friends, mutual friends, colleagues and followers on social media is an excellent and necessary way to increase your chances of making your crowdfunded dreams come true.
Through SPONSOR.ME, individuals and companies that wish to support athletes and teams can do so in a different way. In return, the contributing parties are thanked in a variety of valuable ways.
Creating a campaign on SPONSOR.ME is easy and the same is true for finding and choosing a campaign to support. Using a range of simple methods of payment, it is simple to sponsor an athlete or a team.
It has become increasingly difficult to attract sponsorships within sports. Through the SPONSOR.ME concept, the necessary means are collected in accordance with the motto "many small streams..."
We always read about talented athletes who have had to give up on their dreams, citing lacking funds and support. The aim of SPONSOR.ME is to counteract this defeat by creating a new universe in which athletes, clubs, and sponsors all profit.
SPONSOR.ME offers a campaigning platform to realise sports-related projects or ventures in an advanced and effective manner.
The campaign is marketed to family, friends, and followers on all available media, including, but not limited to, social media.
Sponsors, i.e. individuals, companies, institutions, among others, can find and support relevant campaigns as they please. In return, the sponsors are thanked and, in certain cases, receive givebacks.
The SPONSOR.ME platform has been developed in Norway and Denmark by the passionate parents and sports leaders.
Christian Tverås
Alf Martin Kollen Evensen
Ola Akselberg
Martin Hexeberg
Otto Kalvø