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We have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions about SPONSOR.ME, crowdfunding and micro sponsorships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a new way to finance projects, in which funds are collected on the free market, through contributions from individuals, companies, amongst others.
SPONSOR.ME is a service intended to enable crowdfunding of sports-related projects.
What do I need to know about crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding of sports-related projects has to be based on clear goals for the project and what the project is hoping to achieve. The goal must be economical and tell the users, i.e. the potential sponsors, what the project is meant to achieve. The purpose of the project, the people behind it, and the contributors supporting, it are all factors that have to be visible to the public.
Sponsors are the individuals and companies supporting the project economically. The campaigner can offer the sponsors thankyou gifts, otherwise known as givebacks. These givebacks can be anything – the more valuable, the better. The campaigner could, for example, offer mentions on social media, post cards, printed t-shirts, etc. Get inspired by looking at other successful projects. The only limits are legislation and the campaigner’s imagination.
How does SPONSOR.ME and crowdfunding work?
First of all, you create a campaign. To do this, you have to enter the campaign details, including images, films, text, and a project description. The more information you provide, the better. In addition to this, you have to describe what your sponsors will receive in return for their contributions. The campaigner defines the duration of the campaign, which can range from two weeks to a few months.
SPONSOR.ME reviews all material prior to publication and reserves the right to reject campaigns that do not live up to norms and formal requirements of the platform.
Once the campaign has been approved, the campaigner must market it to relevant individuals, such as family, friends, mutual friends, club members, club sponsors, etc.
Why do people support campaigns?
People and companies love to help. Because supporting campaigns means participating in, and contributing to, success. As a campaigner, you are able to offer creative givebacks, which will encourage more individuals and companies to support you and your project.
The key terms for the sponsors are ’feel good’ and ’value creation’. What do you offer in return for contributions? Thank you cards? Mentions on social media? Physical gifts? Vouchers? The opportunities are endless.
Who can create a campaign on SPONSOR.ME?
In theory, anyone with a relevant project can create a campaign on SPONSOR.ME, as long as the purpose of the campaign is in accordance with the vision and intention of SPONSOR.ME. SPONSOR.ME reserves the right to reject any campaign that does not live up to its purpose or that is suspected to not be of a serious nature.
How do I create a campaign?
You can create a campaign by clicking here.
What kind of campaigns can I create on SPONSOR.ME?
You can create any kind of campaign that seeks contributions for sports-related projects. Our only requirement is that the campaign lives up to quality routines pertaining to integrity, seriousness, etc. This is assessed case by case.
How do I support a campaign?
On the campaign that you wish to support, you can choose to select an optional amount or, if available, one of the available givebacks.
The contribution is withdrawn from your account immediately. When choosing a giveback, you are required to enter your contact details, in order for the gift to be sent to you. Contributions are non-refundable.
What methods of payment are available?
Depending on the campaign’s country of origin, it is possible for sponsors to contribute using cards (VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, and American Express), mobile text message, gift cards, coupons, and traditional bank transfers, to name a few.
What fees are associated with the service?
SPONSOR.ME and the suppliers of the payment services charge a fee for every contribution made in order to cover operating and administrative costs.
Are contributions refunded if the campaign does not reach its goal?
No, contributions are not refunded. The athlete or team will be paid the collected funds regardless of whether their goal was reached.
What happens if the campaign does not reach its goal?
The collected funds will be paid to the campaigner, regardless of whether the campaign reached its goal, to support those volunteering in the sports community.
When will I receive the collected funds?
The funds are available to be paid as soon as your campaign has ended. You must carry out payouts within 90 days following the end of the campaign.
There are other platforms on the Internet that provide similar opportunities to fundraise, attract micro sponsorships, and crowdfund. Why SPONSOR.ME?
We are specialised in, and focus exclusively on sports. We are collaborating with sports organisations as well as small and large companies that see the value and potential of our platform. Furthermore, we are focused on the world of sports: a focus that sets us apart from other platforms. Substantial profits made are directed back into the sports community.
I have further questions
If your questions still have not been answered, feel free to contact us through our Customer Service, where we will endeavour to help you further.