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My name is Valentina Plazas, Team USA Pair Figure Skater. I have been skating for 12 years now and have had the honor of representing Team USA internationally and on the World Stage. Currently my partner and I are 3rd in the country and 8th in world standings.
With being an elite athlete, comes lots of financial responsibility towards the village behind our success. My training schedule ranges from 7-8 hours daily with on ice and off ice work. We take a total of 4 hours of lessons with our coaches, 1-2 hours of fitness/ballet/ or pilates. With the longevity of our training days we are only able to coach for 2 hours a day. Coaching the future generation is our only way to find income and be able to balance training, work, and recovery to be at our best during our season and training.
I am responsible for paying:
My living expenses like Rent, Water, Electric, and Groceries
My Ice Bill, Figure Skating Coaches, Off Ice coaching, Sports Psychologist, and Physical Therapist

These expenses add up to over $2,000 a month- which is far more than my job and funding provide for me.
Although we are part of Team USA our funding is minimal and only partial throughout the year. Right now I am looking to you for help in my ability to pay my coaches, ice time, and rent.
My goal is to make it to the 2026 Winter Olympic Games and represent Team USA in Italy Our coaching team is the key to our success and ask for support to make sure we reach that Olympic goal.


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