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Gymnastics · United States

Rome Milan Traveling Vintage Gymnastics

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The campaigner
Hello, I am Rome Milan. I was born into Gymnastics with my family being heavily involved with the Sokol Gymnastics Organization. My passion is for history, and as a lifelong Teacher, I have a desire to educate young gymnasts of the evolution of the greatest sport on earth, Gymnastics. For many years I have traveled to various gymnastics events around the country to display vintage equipment and historic pictures of the sport of Gymnastics in order to educate people. Recently, I have been diagnosed with ALS. This has pushed me to complete the projects that I have began and to search for an opportunity to continue to promote these vintage Gymnastics Displays.

The campaign
Each year these displays travel to the National Gymnastics Championships, Sokol events, the Gymnastics Association of Texas, and other gymnastics events. For many years this has been a passion of mine. Most expenses for putting together the displays and picking up vintage items are my own. Sometimes the travel, truck rental, signage, and purchases have been also on my own. Now with my diagnosis, it will be difficult to keep these displays going. I will need approximately $4000 to bring the display to Gymnastics events across the nation. Please help me bring the History and the evolution of our sport to the young athletes, so they can appreciate how our sport has evolved.
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