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Susana Fornaris

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For everyone visiting this page my name is Susana Fornaris. I am an epee fencer and I represent US Virgin Island. I have been fencing for 16 years. Fencing has taught me to be discipline and it has changed the way I deal with adversity. I believe that anything can be achievable, and this is why today I am reaching out for your support.

Since my childhood fencing has been a passion of mine, and I have always dreamt to one day make my way into the Olympics. Today, after years of hard work, I have the opportunity to achieve this long-strived goal.

I am able to finance most of the expenses for the preparation process, however, I cannot do it on my own. That is why I am reaching out and asking for support on this last stretch to the Olympics. The qualification for the Olympics takes place on April 18 and 19, 2020 in Panama City. The designated money will be for my preparation to this qualification. I will be going to one week training camp and to the Grand Prix in Budapest in March 6-8, 2020

My accomplishments include:

2019: Gold Medal in Interclubes of Las Americas

2019: Participated World Championship in Budapest, Hungary

2019: Top 32 in Zone Championships, Toronto, Canada

2019 Gold medal in Sunshine States Games- Gainesville, Florida

2018: Silver Medal in Interclubes of Las Americas

2018 Gold medal in Sunshine States Games- Clearwater, Florida

2017 12th place at North American Cup, Oregon, USA

2017 Gold medal in Sunshine States Games- West Palm, Florida

2016 Gold medal in Sunshine States Games- West Palm, Florida

2016 Gold medal in COPA OLIMPICA - Puerto Rico, USA

2015: Gold Medal in Orange & Blue Open Tournament – Gainesville, Florida

2008 & 2009: Participated in the Grand Prix Villa Havana

2009: Participated in the ALBA (Latin American Countries) games placing Gold medal in team competition.

I have learned that nothing in life comes easy. I have the dedication and am willing to do what it takes to be able to be in the Olympics. I am always trying to be better and always pushing myself to the limits. I am a great role model to younger fencers, helping them learn and grow as athletes and as individuals. I never give up on them, and I never give up on myself.

I would be proud to represent the US Virgin Islands. Please consider helping me reach the culmination of my hard work and dedication by donating any amount today. Thank you very much.



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