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Let’s get Serbian Freedivers to Korea!

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Hello everyone, we are an official Freediving Representation of Serbia. This year in Jeju, South Korea will be held the AIDA Pool World Championship, from 10th to 17th June, where we signed to compete and represent our country.
This is one expensive trip! Our athletes will need help getting to the event.Just plane tickets to Jeju are more than 1100€, with registration fee of 500€, per person. On top of that we have to include accommodations and food costs, gathering more than 2000€ per person.
Freediving has a long tradition in Serbia. Since 2006, our athletes competed at majority of World Championships (Depth World Championships 2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2011, Team World Championship 2012, Pool World Championships 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2022)
We got 3rd place at AIDA Team World Championship (depth+pool disciplines) in 2012 at Villefranche-sur-Mer.
Despite all our efforts and results, as a non-Olympic extreme sport we aren’t recognized as a “sport” at all by official structures in our country, meaning that we have no support, nor benefits and everything is just based on our pure will and passion. We still haven’t got any support from the official administration or almost anyone in general. Everything was self-founded with many other competitions missing out because of lacking finances.
This year our team consists of two current national competition winners, promising upcoming freedivers, Kristina Atanackovic and Marko Radovic, along with coach Sasa Totic (an experienced freediver, who coached our team also in 2012).
So, we would like to ask for small help so we can keep tradition and good results with the new young team. Even a small donation of a few euros will make a difference.

Thank you all in advance, we hope that with your help we will make it work!

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