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Hi! My name is Mickale Dodson and I live in the beautiful state of Arizona also known as the Valley of the Sun. My greatest passion is football and I was recently selected to participate on the NYS/AYF National 8u division ALL STAR Team in Kissimmee, Florida. The trip to Florida is December 2nd through the 9th and the dates are coming soon. I work hard at my goals, I’m a straight A student in school, a great big brother and I LOVE to play this game. All the proceeds will go directly to me and I would appreciate any support in helping me reach my goal. The funds would go towards my registration fee, flight, lodging and incidentals while I’m there. I told my parents that all I want for Christmas is to be an All Star. So having you help me make this dream a reality would bring so much joy to this hard working little boy’s heart. I promise to make your investment in me worth your while. Thanks again for all your support. ~Mickale



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