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Dance · United States

Elijah Loves To Dance!

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The campaigner
Elijah is an amazing kid with a big heart! He lives with 3 special needs siblings and regularly sacrifices for their needs. In January of 2017, while searching for something he could do just for him, his mother suggested he try dancing. He started with ballet at a local nonprofit studio and quickly fell in love. He's now in classes 3+ days a week and is on a team. All of this, of course, costs money. In addition to class fees, there's fees for recitals, costumes, choreography, and competitions, not to mention travel! We love how happy dancing makes Elijah and want him to continue. We would love to share his joy with all of you! Anything you can give to help would be a great blessing. Thank you!

The campaign
Elijah has been working really hard in his dance classes and is looking forward to attending competitions and conferences at the beginning of 2018. He will be doing fundraising through the studio as well to help offset costs. Your donations will help pay for costumes, choreography, travel, etc..
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