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I am Charley and I am from Dover. I have spent hundreds of hours training in swimming, dreaming of becoming a top athlete. My training so far has helped me reach County, Regional and National level where I have achieved more than one Bronze medal for coming 3rd in the country. It hasn’t always been like that though as I used to have very bad asthma and it used to take me nearly an hour to get to school which was only a short distance. But after a surfing holiday with my dad, my dad decided I needed swimming lessons to help me combat the surf which after a short period not only did I find my passion and my dream of becoming an international swimmer but also my asthma cleared and I have never had a problem since.:-) Sadly though my dad’s situation has changed recently so I may not be able to carry on with my dream and I have the worry that I might end up back at square one if my fitness levels deplete
Last year alone my dad spent way over £5000 to help me pursue with my dream! but I would be very grateful for any support you can provide.Any donations and/or help with sharing my fundraiser on Social Media is greatly appreciated!


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