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My name is Blakely Larson and I am an athlete from Bozeman, Montana. I am trying to raise $5,000, so that I can continue pursuing my passion in cycling. I have set some goals for myself to complete the next few years. Racing enduro this summer is just a precursor to my goal for 2020 and that is to ride the Tour Divide. I have registered to race in the Montana Enduro Series. The series consists of 6 stops across Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. I will also be headed to Minnesota for a 7th race, cross country race this time. Funds raised will be to ease the burden of costs for gym training, body work, spare/new bike parts, travel, and lodging. I am starting a 6 week training program called maximum overload for cyclists April 1st and will be training hard in preparation for the first race on May 26th in Helena, MT and the rest of the season.

As a privateer racer I need all the help I can get beyond my normal 40hr a week job in construction. I would appreciate your support in the form of a contribution to this fundraiser or a simple share on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc... actually if you could share, share, share it ). I will do my best to keep you updated on my training progress and my ups and downs on the road to success through videos and pictures.



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