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It's a big day for all #tennis fans! 

The 2018 Wimbledon tournament is officially open, and we can't wait to experience the thrill and excitement of the big game. From Serena Williams' comeback to Roger Federer's ambition to lift the title for the ninth time in 16 years, the SPONSOR.ME team is looking forward to witnessing our favorite athletes' highs and lows.

In other words, this year's Wimbledon is promising to be great. To celebrate sports and achievement, we are inviting all athletes inspired by Wimbledon to start their SPONSOR.ME campaigns with a unique chance to be featured on all our social media channels for maximum exposure.

Start your SPONSORME #tennis fundraiser before the end of the Championships, share it with the hashtag #InspiredByWimbledon, and we'll share your post with thousands of our followers on our Social Media channels. Start now on SPONSOR.ME!

The 2018 MLB All Star Game (ASG) is right around the corner! This year's MidSummer Classic is set to take place at Nationals Park, making it the fourth time returning to the nation's capital, and the first one since 1969. 

Did your favorite players make the cut? Here are a few quick and fun facts about the MLB All Star Game!

  • The first All Star Game is held in Chicago's Comiskey Park, with legendary Babe Ruth hitting the first home run in ASG history.
  • Only 4 ASGs have gone into extra innings: 1987, 1994, 2002, 2017
  • Home field advantage has alternated between the National and American leagues until 2003. Since then, the league that wins the World Series has been given the right to become the home team.
  • Ichiro Suzuki is the only player to have hit an inside-the-park home run in an ASG. He won MVP honors as well at the same ASG in 2007.
  • In 2017, Yadier Molina became the oldest catcher to have hit the ball out of the park at an ASG, at 34 years, 363 days old. The previous record holder was Yogi Berra at 34 years, 83 days old in 1959.
  • In 2017, Robinson Cano hit a game-winning home run in a pitching-dominated game. The pitch to Cano was thrown by Wade Davis, a member of the reigning World Champions, Chicago Cubs. Interestingly, he was the lone representative for the Cubs in the ASG.


The Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain took place on July 1, bringing an amazing spectacle of sport to an end. The Games, which spanned the week of June 22-July 1, brought together more than 4500 athletes representing 26 countries in 28 sports and 244 individual contests. 

Italy, which fielded 419 athletes, more than any other country, dominated the event and brought home 156 medals including 56 gold. Host country Spain finished 2nd in the overall medal count, followed by Turkey, France and Egypt.

The Mediterranean Games provides an unbelievable platform for athletes to compete on an international stage. Through sport, athletes show that people from all walks of life and society are able to compete respectfully and fairly. Each country fields their best athletes in competition and afterwards, throughout the week, men and women live together in an open athlete village. The opportunity to compete brings with it opportunities to meet and mingle with others who share similar passions from all over the the Mediterranean Region.

SPONSOR.ME offers athletes from many of the Mediterranean Games Countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Portugal the opportunity to fundraise via social media so that they can train for and attend events such as these.

We at SPONSOR.ME salute and congratulate all of the athletes from the 2018 Mediterranean Games!


It has been three years since Ola Akselberg and Otto Kalvø started After a quiet start, crowdfunding platform has really taken off. 

Today, we are proudly serving 1 million athletes all over the world

We focus only on sports. From young and ambitious to proud and accomplished, we are serving athletes of all levels and professional tracks.To celebrate our 1-million-userversary (yes, we made this word up), we have prepared a list of some of the most inspiring stories we had the honor to be a part of at SPONSORme.


1. The youngest Norwegian woman on Everest 


On May 14th, SPONSORme officially became the 1st sports crowdfunding platform to enable the youngest ever Norwegian mountaineer to conquer Mount Everest. A 24-year old Moa Hundseid has become the youngest Norwegian and the 5th youngest woman in the world to ever get to the summit of Mount Everest. After reaching 236% of her crowdfunding goal on SPONSORme, she made it to 8848 meters and made us all proud. 

A day after Moa's expedition was over, a 23-year old man got to the summit, making Moa the 2nd youngest person from Norway on top of the world.

  • SPONSORme campaign:
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 70,659 NOK from 49 sponsors
  • Country: Norway
  • Sports: Mountaineering


2. The 6-year old motocross racer 

Lyndon was putting in all the work to prepare for the race in August, but with his dad's injury and him being off of work, Lyndon needed additional support to help get him there. Lyndon collected more than $1000 on SPONSORme from 12 sponsors. 

Lyndon wants to finish on the podium this year at the Canadian Grand National Amateur Championships.

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 1,032 USD from 12 sponsors
  • Country: Canada
  • Sports: Motocross


3. Tennis champion training for Deaflympics


Vinchon is a 20-year old man from France. He started his campaign on SPONSORme to ask fans and friends to help him afford the costs of training for Deaflympics 2021 and travel. 

Vinchon has a rare genetic condition called Franceschetti syndrome, but neither his disease nor the pain of numerous reconstruction surgeries is going to stop him from pursuing his dream to participate at Deaflympics. Vinchon is a vice-champion of France in table tennis - the sport he's been playing for more than 7 years. 

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 1,040 USD from 36 sponsors
  • Country: France
  • Sports: Tennis


4. The brave 12-year old sailor with a lung capacity of 20% (Denmark)


This 12-year old man has a lung capacity of 20% and a courage capacity of 100,000%. Sailing on an equal footing with healthy children, Magnus has qualified for the World Cup in Cyprus. His SPONSORme fundraiser received more money than requested (185% of the goal), and we're rooting for Magnus together with 66 sponsors who voted for him with their money!

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 18,500 NOK from 66 sponsors.
  • Country: Denmark
  • Sports: Sailing


5. Blind hockey players with the passion for the game

Blind Hockey is the same exhilarating, fast-paced game that gets spectators out of their seats with only one main difference – all players are legally blind! Meet St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey Club. They are a team of 20 people with the passion for the game, and they started their SPONSORme campaign because they were missing much-needed funding to pay for additional practice ice. Their funding goal was just $500, and even though they didn't get 100% of their goal, they found 3 sponsors who funded almost 30% of their campaign.

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 145 USD from 3 sponsors
  • Country: United States
  • Sport: Hockey


6. The boxing champion reaching her funding goal in 24 hours


Reaching 100% of the funding goal on SPONSOR.ME in 24 hours was not a problem for this Swedish boxing champion. Marianne is going to represent Sweden at the European championship in June this year. With such accomplishments, the next logical step is the Olympics. 

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 20,850 from 55 sponsors
  • Country: Sweden
  • Sport: Boxing

Marianne reached her funding goal on SPONSORme in 24 hours and got 209% of her initial goal: 20,850 SEK out of requested 10,000.


7. Danish Deaf Handball Team is a Linguistic minority

In their SPONSORme campaign, the Danish Deaf Handball National Team clearly stated that they don't want to call themselves disabled. Instead, they called themselves a linguistic minority. Their ambition to win the World Deaf Handball Championships in Brazil brought them 18,000 DKK on SPONSORme.

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 18,000 DKK from 52 sponsors
  • Country: Denmark
  • Sport: Handball


8. The snowboarder without a leg


A motorbike accident took Alessandro's wife and his left leg, but it couldn't take away his joy and passion for snowboarding. Alessandro is crowdfunding to buy a prosthesis for his lost limb to keep performing at a top level. He shot for the moon with the ambitious crowdfunding goal and ended up among the stars with the collected $2,015 from 93 sponsors.

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 2,015 USD from 93 sponsors
  • Country: Italy
  • Sport: Snowboarding


9. The skier with the "athlete heart"


Anna's heart condition could've stopped her skiing career, but without alpine skiing, her "athlete heart" would've stopped instead. Anna persevered and got ready to begin training for Beijing 2022 Olympics.

"I was told that I was suffering from a heart condition and had to put down my career," she wrote in her SPONSORme campaign. "After some time, many hospital visits and, thanks to new research studies and medicine, there was still a possibility for me to continue my alpine investment and to follow my dreams." 



10. The fighter who kicks bad odds in the guts


Doctors claimed 80% certainty that he will never walk again, but It took him only 3 years after the surgery to learn to walk again. Today, Alen Rahimic is an aspiring boxer who dreams of winning Gold in the Mediterranean Games. He started his SPONSORme fundraiser to get support and focus on his boxing career.


11. The Olympic athlete crowdfunding for the next Olympics


Meet David - a short track athlete of the Italian ice skating national team, who inspired us by his competitiveness and the level of professionalism. David participated in the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and decided to turn to SPONSORme to crowdfund his path to the Olympics in Bejing 2022. 


12. The athlete with cerebral palsy who is creating possibilities

Where can the drive and courage bring a 24-year old female? What if she can't walk and was born with cerebral palsy? We'll tell you: at least 6,882 ft high - to the summit of Kebnekaise! 

Josephine started her SPONSORme fundraiser to follow her dream to become the first person with cerebral palsy to reach the top of Sweden's highest mountain. Josephine is managing her own Facebook page where she is redefining living CP (cerebral palsy) as living a life of Creating Possibilities.


13. This athlete with the willpower made of steel

How much mental strength does it take to NOT play by the rules that the universe made for you? 

Ask Harald Riise, a 33-year old athlete who started his SPONSORme fundraiser to collect money for his dream to pull himself and his wheelchair up the top of the 60 m - high Holmenkollen ski jump. "I consider the wheelchair a symbol of my disability, and I will not allow it to tie me down," he said. 


14. This gymnastics athlete training for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Meet Akash Modi, a US National Team Member for the sports of gymnastics. Akash studied at Stanford University, which did an amazing job supporting him during the 4 years of his being a collegiate student. But when Akash graduated, he got to pay his own bills. Expenses included travel to competitions, medical expenses, equipment and many other things. Akash's SPONSORme campaign brought him $2,500 from 41 sponsors.

He is now training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: $2,500 from 41 sponsors
  • Country: United States
  • Sport: Gymnastics


15. This speed-skating phenomenon


Allan Dahl Johansson is a speed skating phenomenon. He started his SPONSORme fundraiser in 2016 with the goal to win Gold in Junior WC in Salt Lake City 2018! And you know what? He did it two years later! There is even a Wikipedia page about him:

Allan got 91% of his fundraising goal, and that was enough to fuel his dreams. 

  • SPONSORme campaign
  • Fundraised on SPONSORme: 13,686 from 32 sponsors
  • Country: Norway
  • Sport: Speed Skating

SPONSORme always lets athletes collect all their funds, regardless of whether the campaign was 100% funded or not.


To sum up

Since September of 2017, the number of active campaigns on SPONSORme has been doubling from month to month. From February to March this year, it increased by 400% in the United States. 


At SPONSORme, we are proud to be protecting and harnessing the dreams of a million athletes around the world. It is a great honor and a great responsibility for us. Every day, we see fantastic stories from people of all ages and ambition levels. Write your own story on SPONSORme. Start your fundraiser today!

Together, we build the world of sports.

What’s your favorite playground?

 Sports fields and arenas, stadiums and hiking trails, ocean waves and even hard asphalt roads are canvases for athletes, where they draw their our future victories with blood and sweat.


Such playgrounds are the places where we come to rediscover ourselves, and where we find the power, inspiration, and motivation to keep going, because the “paint” we use to draw our dreams always lies within us.


Here at SPONSOR.ME, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s most beautiful and most inspirational playgrounds for your next athletic adventure. Have a look and let us know your favorite!


Surfing playground

Drawing your dreams with a surfing board on ocean waves? Then this surfing playground might be for you!


Ocean-blue tennis court

Playing tennis here will feel like swimming in the waves of hot air.



Tennis court in the middle of the forest

Hear how the sound of your ace echoes in the forest. Make the trees around witness your glory.


Basketball playground on the beach

This basketball field looks like an island in the sea of sand.


Futuristic basketball field

If you are into the urban look, this basketball field with the gradient floors is calling for you!

Football field surrounded by water

 If having screaming fans around is not your piece of cake, yet you can’t live without football, then this field was designed for you. The only thing you’ll hear will be the voices of your team asking you to pass the ball and the sound of waves hitting the shore.


What’s your favorite playground? Let us know in the comments!

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