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Gitte Helene Brunstad - Karate Norway

Gitte has been training karate since she was 8, and is now making a leap towards the 2020 Olympics! 🏆

Check out Gittes campaign and show your support!


Ole Petersen - Super Tourisme Denmark

Ole is a 20-year-old up and coming motorsport athlete. He's been claiming many titles over the last seasons and is now upping his efforts towards new heights! You can be part of Ole's journey to the top!


Kristine Gjesdal Gullachsen - Mogul skiing Norway 

Kristine is an up-and-coming mogul skier from Bergen, Norway. She just had one of her best seasons yet and being part of the national team she's now entering competitions all over Europe and from there her journey goes to the 2022 Olympic Games!

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Toño Sampedro - Motorsport Italia

A motorsport talent to keep an eye out for! Toño is only 13-years-old but has an impressive list of merits already... He is now training hard to compete in the European Motocross Championship in 2018.

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Happy new year, dear users of SPONSOR.ME! We are super-duper ultra mega grateful that you and almost 750,000 people from all around the world visited us the last 12 months.

Through 2017 we have supported more than 75,000 athletes, teams and associations from more than 20 countries (in 8 languages) in fulfilling their dreams. Yep, we have the world's best (and meaningful) job!

In 2018, we will bring you a brand new design and user-experience, more countries, languages and currencies, a wide range of new features, and even one or two new exciting, sports-related services making your daily sportslife easier.

Once again, happy new year to all of you! + No Fear of Falling = TRUE is proud to announce that we will be working alongside No Fear of Falling to help crowdfunding athletes get their stories told and heard!

No Fear of Falling is a content platform celebrating the change makers, athletes and doers who dare to leave their comfort zone. No Fear of Falling has done a great job over the last years; supporting athletes by helping them share their stories globally! is a crowdfunding platform that enables athletes to campaign for micro-sponsorships, and gives athletes, clubs, federations, and teams the chance to gain sport-specific funding and exposure through concrete goals and purposes. They have done fantastic work with athletes based in Europe and have helped a number of athletes support their dreams and goals through their platform. 

Both brands are psyched to collaborate and to promote the stories that often are left untold. Every athlete has a special story to tell, and we will develop and create ways for these stories to be heard, told and shared. This way people can learn about them, follow their journeys, and support them on the road to the top!

In the upcoming months, you will be seeing cross-organization content via and No Fear of Falling. Founder Adam Yurko will be hosting a new Podcast, called “Champions of Tomorrow”. Adam will talk with athletes crowdfunding on to hear about their stories, their journey, and what drives them to push towards their goals and dreams. 

We can hardly wait, and we want to send a big thank you to No Fear of Falling for uniting forces and creating more opportunities for athletes worldwide!

Check out No Fear of Falling and get inspired by the stories

More news and announcements will be made in the coming weeks! 

- No Fear of Falling & 

Motorsports is a growing sport worldwide, and is very proud of hosting some of the best and up-and-coming athletes in the sector! 


What is Motorsports? 

Motorsport or motorsports is a global term used to describe the group of competitive sporting events which primarily involve the use of motorised vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competition. 


The history of Motorsports 

Following World War 1, European countries organised Grand Prix Races over closed courses. In the United States, dirt track racing became popular overnight. After the 2nd World War, the Grand Prix circuit became more formally organised. In the United States, stock car racing and drag racing became firmly established.

Motorsports ultimately became divided by types of motor vehicles into racing events and their appropriate organisations. Today, Motorsports is one of the most popular sports, and in the US alone, annual sponsorship spending amounts to more than 5 Billion US Dollars! 


Check out a selection of our Nordic talents and join their journey in the world of Motorsports! 


Andrine Olstad - Motocross Norway

20-year-old Andrine Olstad has been riding Motorcross for more than 10 years! Andrine has several merits from Norwegian Championships and is now upping her efforts and attracting sponsors for the next season! 
Support Andrine below!


Mathias Jørgensen - Motocross Denmark

Mathias started training motorsports when he was 7. Since then Mathias has claimed titles such as 2x Danish Champion, and is now aiming for bigger goals! Check out Mathias and show your support below!


Rasmus Andersson - Motocross Elite Sweden

19-year-old Rasmus Andersson is driving Motocross elite. During 2017 Rasmus achieved a silver medal in MAF. Rasmus is now attracting sponsors and support towards bigger tournaments and competitions.


As motorsports continue to rise globally, we at will do our best to facilitate a service tailored to the needs of these future champions!



During last week, a lot of exciting athletes and teams created their campaigns and was published to!

We want to highlight a few of the rising stars, the athletes that are already building a career and growing within their sports! 


Elijah Wax - Breakdancing USA

Elijah is a highly talented breakdancer from America, and also one of our first breakdancers! Elijah is collecting sponsors and support to attend bigger competitions and to build a name.

Join Elijah here:


Mathias Jorgensen - Motocross Denmark

Mathias started training motorsports when he was 7. Since then Mathias has claimed titles such as 2x Danish Champion, and is now aiming for bigger goals! Check out Mathias and show your support below!


Trine Fuyu Lind - Karate Denmark

Trine has been exercising Karate since she was 6 years old. She is about to turn 14, and in that time Trine has a long list of impressive merits. She's now going all in focusing on her sport and upcoming competitions. 

Join Trine's journey here:



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