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What’s your favorite playground?

 Sports fields and arenas, stadiums and hiking trails, ocean waves and even hard asphalt roads are canvases for athletes, where they draw their our future victories with blood and sweat.


Such playgrounds are the places where we come to rediscover ourselves, and where we find the power, inspiration, and motivation to keep going, because the “paint” we use to draw our dreams always lies within us.


Here at SPONSOR.ME, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s most beautiful and most inspirational playgrounds for your next athletic adventure. Have a look and let us know your favorite!


Surfing playground

Drawing your dreams with a surfing board on ocean waves? Then this surfing playground might be for you!


Ocean-blue tennis court

Playing tennis here will feel like swimming in the waves of hot air.



Tennis court in the middle of the forest

Hear how the sound of your ace echoes in the forest. Make the trees around witness your glory.


Basketball playground on the beach

This basketball field looks like an island in the sea of sand.


Futuristic basketball field

If you are into the urban look, this basketball field with the gradient floors is calling for you!

Football field surrounded by water

 If having screaming fans around is not your piece of cake, yet you can’t live without football, then this field was designed for you. The only thing you’ll hear will be the voices of your team asking you to pass the ball and the sound of waves hitting the shore.


What’s your favorite playground? Let us know in the comments!

Check out our Rising Stars!



Alen Rahimic - Boxing🇧🇦🇩🇪

Doctors claimed 80% certainty that he will never walk again. Today, Alen Rahimic is an aspiring boxer who dreams of winning Gold in the #MediterraneanGames. Alen needs our support to kick bad odds in the guts. One more time. 


Check him out: 🥊





Jacqueline #746 🇸🇪 

he got her first #motorbike when she was only 4 years old. After 7 years of practice, 12-year old Jackie is arguably one of the most promising motocross riders the world gets to have. Today, she participates in a #motocrosscompetition. Help Jackie race to her dream! 

Read more about her here:



Charlotte Bleijerveld - Horseback Archery 🇩🇰


Ever heard of Horseback Archery? Yes, it’s exactly what you think! Impressive stuff.

If Katniss Everdeen had a horse, she would take classes from a 15-year old Charlotte Bleijerveld of Denmark. Charlotte is a modern day warrior and a master of archery from horseback. She already reached 184% of her funding goal on #SponsorMe. ⠀
The next step for Charlotte is the World Championship in Hungary.

Check out Charlotte and her campaign and her way to the World Cup




Anna Lidberg – Alpine Skiing 🇸🇪

 Anna's heart condition could've stopped her #skiing career, but without alpine skiing, her "athlete heart" would've stopped instead. Anna persevered and is ready to begin training for Beijing 2022 #Olympics. Anna needs everyone's help to make her dream come true. Sponsor Anna here:

Read more and help our out on the way to the Olympics in Bejing 2022!



Akash Modi – Gymnastics 🇺🇸


Meet Akash Modi, a US National Team Member for the sport of gymnastics, who recently created a campaign through SPONSOR.ME. Akash is currently in pursuit of his dream of competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Check out Akash and support him here: 🇺










From Obstacle Course Racing to Fencing, here are the first Rising Stars of March! 🏆 💥 


Zarina & Natalja Stiller - Fencing 🇩🇰 

Meet two sisters aiming for the top!  Zarina and Natalja are both talented fencers with a true passion. 
Join Zarina and Natalja on their journey!

Juanma Jimenez - Obstacle Course Racing 🇪🇸

Juanma Jimenez is 24-years-old and is an upcoming talent within OCR! 

Juanma has qualified as an ELITE racer for the European Championship in Denmark and is now attracting sponsors!


Adrian Salamonsen - Motocross 🇳🇴

Adrian is a motorsports talent to look after! With 7 seasons down already, we're mighty impressed with 12-year-old Adrian J Salamonsen! He's training hard in Northern Norway and is now collecting sponsors to compete against the best in his class!


Greve's Junior Team - Team Gymnastics 🇩🇰

Teamgym Greve's junior Team have been selected to compete at the Nordic Championship in Teamgym!  These dedicated athletes are excited to represent Denmark, and are putting a lot of effort into prepping for the top!


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A lot of talented athletes are struggling every day. The competitional environment has grown to such a point where you are forced to finance a large proportion of your costs if you want to grow as an athlete and build your sports career.

We are humbled and proud as we see more and more athletes & teams discovering that crowdfunding is a tool helping them reach their goals in an alternative, and independent way. Because if you really want to follow your sports dream, it should be on your own terms and in the direction you feel comfortable with. 

To take a break from the usual to-dos and guides, we wanted to give you just a glimpse of just how great campaigns are done.
Action speaks louder than words!

Andreas Sjöberg - 23yrs - Motocross 🇸🇪
Insights: 36 Sponsors, 138% of target

Philip C. Schröder - 16yrs - Karate 🇩🇰

Insights: 25 Sponsors, 102% of target


Nora Svenningsen - 18yrs - Crossfit 🇳🇴
Insights: 89 Sponsors, 155% of target

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Everyday hopeful athletes and teams create their own sports fundraisers. Everyone has different goals; getting support for an upcoming training camp, attending competitions or affording new sports equipment. Some campaigners do very well, while others struggle to attract sponsors and support. 

Check out these three elements that all successful sports fundraisers share:


1. A trustworthy story

It can feel scary and out of your comfort zone to tell about yourself, but your future fans and sponsors would love to hear more about who you are and what you do. Let potential sponsors know where you've been, and where you're headed! 
Remember that you are in fact not selling a product; you are selling the journey you have started - and people will believe you more when you share it!


2. A realistic goal

Getting to the top requires hard work and dedication, and in some sports the costs of keeping up are expensive! Yet, when hosting your sports fundraiser it is all about reaching the next milestone! What is most urgent for you to get there? How much would you need to get over that barrier? Sports fundraising is all about microdonations, and when sponsors feel that they will, in fact, make a difference for you and your career; they are much more likely to give their support!  


3. A High-quality photo

A picture says more than a thousand words! It might sound cliché, but a high-resolution photo of you (during practice, competitions or in action) will not only make your campaign look smashing, but it proves that you are in fact a serious athlete! 

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